Reviews from Satisfied Customers


“We love our DSCs! We no longer worry about the kids and the dog running around the house and our downspouts look nice. Unprotected downspouts look like they are unfinished to me now.

-Heather, Ramsey, MN


I could’ve used this months ago!  I removed our downspouts so the kids wouldn't get hurt on them while running around the pool. This summer, I forgot to put the downspout back on and ended up with water in the basement. This product would’ve saved me lots of time and money – not to mention harassment from my husband!”

-Summer, Waconia, MN


“It’s great to be able to pick up and move the downspouts when I’m mowing and doing yard work. It’s also easier to clean any debris stuck in the downspout as I don’t have to worry about cutting my hand or arm on the sharp edges.”

-Mike, Woodbury, MN


“I know how dangerous unprotected downspouts can be; I accidentally ran into one of mine while chasing my grandson around the house. I’ll spare the gory details, but I ended up needing surgery on my foot to repair the damage. Downspout Safety Caps should be installed on every home.

-Jerry, Lakeville, MN


“Neighborhood chipmunks like to hide in our downspouts and our dog likes to go after them, running his muzzle into the sharp edges. The DSC is a great product as it protects my dog from himself.

-Jeff, Minneapolis, MN


“Rather than curse a problem, Stacey Schneider had the presence of mind to solve it. Razor-edged downspouts have met their match in this clever inventor’s elegantly simple Downspout Safety Cap… and, by the way, it’s green.”

-Inventor’s Champion Don Kelly