Downspout Safety Cap - ultimate protection from sharp downspouts. Protection for your family – children and pets can run freely in the yard without fear of getting cut on the sharp downspout edge. Mowing is a breeze – safely remove and replace downspouts without worrying about the sharp edges. Finishing touches – the downspout safety cap completes the exterior look of a home, leaving no corner unfinished.

Our Story

Stacey Schneider created the Downspout Safety Cap after her 5-year-old son cut himself on their downspout last summer. He was running in the lawn and an accidental nick on the downspout edge resulted in a trip to the emergency room and 4 stitches in his foot. Stacey has two other small children and didn’t want to end up in the same situation again so she searched for a product to cover the sharp edges, but wasn’t able to find one. After learning thousands of people are injured every year from their downspouts sharp edges, she created the Downspout Safety Cap to protect her family and yours.